Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Malaysia: Woman legislator quits over nude photos

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: A prominent Malaysian opposition legislator resigned Tuesday after photographs of her sleeping naked were circulated to the public by cell phone, an embarrassing disclosure that she slammed as a plot to discredit her party.

Whoever's behind the distribution of the picture will keep doing this to whomever they wish to. The legislator should not resign and throw in the towel. Keep doing what you do and fight back. I'll be surprised if her political party, friends, family and the rest of Malaysians will not back her up.


Officials talking Marijuana...

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

New Orleans : Locals prey on foreigners

NEW ORLEANS — They are the men still rebuilding New Orleans more than three years after Hurricane Katrina, the head-down laborers from Honduras, Mexico and Guatemala who work on the blazing hot roofs and inside the fetid homes for a wad of cash at the end of the day.

But on the street, these laborers are known as “walking A.T.M.’s.”

Olympic-sized bong hit

The question of whether Michael Phelps was using pool water in the bong he was photographed smoking is a joke that has surely been overplayed. What I am wondering is, did he use water from the Olympic pool in China where he earned eight gold medals? Smoking pot might not be the smartest move for a role model, but if he was doing it as homage to his Olympic performance, maybe we can let this one slide. In reality, smoking chlorinated pool water would probably be unhealthy, if not deadly.....

The best Valentine's gift ever

Morning's light turns sleep to sight,
As her black curls rest gently in the bend of my arm.
The taste of liquor stains my sigh of contentment,
As the needle skips softly across its worn vinyl path.
Its subtle gritting dance,
No longer emitting the tunes of lyrical geniuses.
As I close my eyes once more,
I can hear the songs from the twilight hours of yesterday,
A soundtrack to strained breaths,
And delicate fingers on my chest.
Their voices stitching together our two beings,
Like the seamstress who sewed the mountain of sheets that contain us.
What cosmic titan bestowed upon them
The ability to embody life's purity?
My thoughts quickly disperse,
As her deep exhale warmly blankets the skin around my neck.
I dare not continue my inquiry in fear that she may wake,
And morning's ecstasy will fall victim to the day's agenda.

~~ From J.G.

Friday, 13 February 2009

3rd article published by The Star Paper [Malaysia]

Making the cut


IT'S 2am on a Monday, and I'm still in my university's student newspaper office. I've been here all day since 10am on Sunday...

Economic stimulus package

Faculty supports stimulus aspects

Here's additional information that was supposed to go to print with the article.

A closer look at the Economic Stimulus Package:

Jan. 28 House passed $819B Stimulus Package
Feb. 10 Senate passed $838B Stimulus Plan
Feb. 11 Both House and Senate came to an agreement of $789B Stimulus Package

Breakdown on differences between House and Senate’s Stimulus Package in education
-Similar aid to states and school districts;
-$21 billion for school modernization;
-$16 billion to boost the maximum Pell Grant by $500 to $5,350;
-$2 billion for Head Start.

-$79 billion in state fiscal relief to prevent cuts in education aid and provide block grants; -$26 billion to school districts to fund special education and the No Child Left Behind K-12 law;
-$19.5 billion for school modernization;
-$14 billion to boost the maximum Pell Grant by $400 to $5,250;
-$2.1 billion for Head Start.
Source: CBS news

Sources projected:
A final vote by the House as early as Friday, with the Senate to follow, clearing the way for President Obama to sign the bill by Monday.