Monday, 14 June 2010


More independent media being silenced by the government

"This is not the first time Zuloaga has faced arrest.

In March, he was detained as he returned to Venezuela -- accused of criticizing the government during a public forum outside the country.

Globovision is one of the few remaining independent media outlets in Venezuela and is often critical of President Hugo Chavez.

The arrest warrant was condemned by human rights and freedom of the press groups who considered it a renewed attempt to silence critics of Chavez."

People need to take child marriages in Malaysia seriously, and do something to stop it.

"Under Malaysian law, a Muslim girl below the age of 16 can marry, provided she has the consent of the syariah court. The syariah court is supposed to rule on each and every case and cannot give blanket permission.

And under the Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act, which applies to non-Muslims, marriage is allowed only for people 18 years and above. However, a girl aged 16 years and above may marry, conditional upon a licence being obtained from the chief minister or menteri besar."

"However, according to the 2000 Census, there were 11,400 children below 15 years of age who were married - 6,800 girls and 4,600 boys. Of the 6,800 girls, only 2,450 were Malay. This means that the syariah court gave its consent to each of these 2,450 under-age girls to get married.

The remainder of 4,350 girls were non-Malays comprising 1,550 other Bumiputera, 1,600 Chinese, 600 Indians, and 600 others. It is not known whether they had got their licence from the relevant minister, but even if they did, it would have been illegal, since there are no legal provisions for a non-Muslim under 16 years to get married."