Friday, 14 January 2011

Mel Chi's guide to 48 hours in Hong Kong


09:30 pm Landed in Chek Lap Kok airport, took a taxi to hostel in Causeway Bay

10:30 pm Reached hostel, checked in, freshen up, took a taxi to Lan Kwai Fong

11:00 pm Checked out the bars on Lan Kwai Fong street, settles for a dimly-lit bar, with loud, pounding music, with a mix of local and international crowd - made some Hongkie, American, and Spanish friends - met Charles, the bouncer from Ghana - highly recommended to fend off unwanted fans


04:30 am Bar was closing up, last party-goers to leave, took a taxi with a local, Lawrence, to his apartment for hotpot, wine and whiskey, in Kowloon Bay

05:30 am Good night, Hong Kong... smeared make up still on the face - out -

11:30 am Good morning, Hong Kong - Lawrence was off to work, left without doing the dishes - still in night-out clothes, smeared make up, and alcohol breath, took a taxi to Harbour Grand Hong Kong Hotel for lunch with a Burt's Bess rep at Le 188 degree restaurant - great variety for the buffet appetizers and desserts and sumptuous main course - amazing view!!

02:30 pm Headed out to run errands at the bank

03:30 pm Took a taxi back to Causeway Bay for some shopping

06:30 pm Stuffed our faces with curry fishballs, octopusballs, lobsterballs, beef intestines in some spicy sauce, and xiu yuen ji puffballs - headed back to the hostel

07:30 pm Took a taxi to Sevva, on the 27th floor of Prince's Building - there was the absolutely breathtaking view of the brightly-lit Hong Kong City - dinner and wine was perrrfect... you have to check out the washroom, ceiling to floor mirrors!!!

10:30 pm Took a taxi to AquaSpirit - amazing view from Aqua, a bar and restaurant complex high in an office building where a hip locals gather - it's at 1 Peking Road.


12:30 am Took a taxi to the IFC mall with Tony, the couchsurfer, stopping to pick up some Tsingtao beer at a 7-eleven - drank and hung out on the roof garden on the mall - the plentiful trees and bushes came in handy with no access to bathrooms at that point in time

03:00 am Yawned uncontrollably - Took a taxi back to the hostel, knocked out, g'nite.

10:00 am Packed, checked in for our flights online

11:00 am Dim sum at Lee Gardens 2, Prince Restaurant - delicious chiken feet (fung zhao) and other dim sum specials

01:00 pm Took a taxi to the airport, said Goooodbyyeeeee Hong Kong!!

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