Saturday, 19 July 2008

Barack Obama = Rockstar???

"(There is) always the other side to the ambivalence of the world's thoughts about America. The rise of Senator Obama is a reminder of what the rest of the world still admires -- sometimes very grudgingly -- about America: a constant capacity to renew itself."

In the article MR. OBAMA VISITS THE WORLD by Richard Reeves, he compares Obama with John F. Kennedy, the Beatles, even POTUS ...

"You have to go back to the Beatles' first U.S. tour to find a trans-Atlantic trip freighted with the same sort of pregnant excitement that attends the one Barack Obama is about to make ...

** Click on the link above. Reeves' article is worth your time!

"It's kind of creepy that the network anchors are tagging along after Barack Obama on his great overseas adventure.

When John McCain went to Iraq after he cinched the GOP nomination, the media was so infatuated with the Democratic primary that little attention was paid to McCain's trip..." 

-quoted from an article by Ann McFeatters

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