Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Traveling - a dangerous passion

"Is it possible to feel rich and hollow at the same time?"
-Anthony Bourdain

That was how it was during my 7-week European backpack trip, more often than not.

Other times, I just stressed over the cheapest/most convenient way to get to my next destination.

ps. Oh except for when I was in Berlin. For all the 5 days I was there, all I was thinking was beer - ice-cream - beer - ice-cream - beer - ice-cream - beer - ice-cream - beer - ice-cream

Pretty bizarre, I must say.

Coming back to Toledo, all I have on my mind was work, and plans for my next trip (I know I really shouldn't - but I'm addicted!!)

I spent my Sunday at the office. I went in at  9 a.m. on Sunday morning and left at 6 a.m. on Monday.

I know, crazy.

The fact that my work may affect some people (i.s. putting their words in print, revealing {private} information about certain people) made me feel extra pressured to do my job well, responsibly and put my thinking cap on - no matter what time of the night/morning it is.

I spent all day today napping, watching Anthony Bourdain, Gossip Girl, House and checking my e-mail and Facebook almost every 2 minutes.

But mostly, reading "Ahead of Time" by Ruth Gruber - An American girl who tells her story when she was a foreign correspondent almost right after Hitler rose to power (she was the first reporter to fly over remote outposts to report on the painful efforts, dreams and accomplishments of Soviet scientists and pioneers) She was also the world's youngest Ph.D at the time, at the age 20, from University of Cologne in German and English.

I could relate to some of them things she mentioned. (For example Kolshe (beer) from Cologne introduced by my couchsurfing host,  Julia, who's from Cologne and some historical sites I've visited) --- makes me dream of my future apartment in Berlin!!

The fact that her story opens up a world of journalism, strength and determination of a young girl, Europe (of course!!!) and an era where my 11 years of education in Malaysia had deprived me of, makes me want to live in that world that she was in.

The thrills, excitement, the danger...

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