Friday, 28 November 2008


I have to admit, I was dreading this trip. As much as I like to fly around the world, spending one week in France is not enough for me. Plus, it`s the middle of the semester. I just have too much to do!!!! And I was really looking forward to spending some time with Lauren, and what better way to do that than to do what we do bestÉÉ some good ol`shopping in France, checking out some hot French `monsieurÉÉ ;P

But, the week is coming to an end. As I`m sitting in Oli`s apartment, looking out the window, I thought to myself, Am I missing out on thisÉ Whatever happened to my alone timeÉ some ME timeÉ I know once the plane touch down in Detroit, I`ll start it all over again, catching up on news, start planning IC news stories, getting the information for my UT Ten News story, homework!! Assignments and quizes to do... sigh...

Here`s a recap of my French Thanksgiving Week.

Arrive in Paris at 8 a.m. Met up with my couchsurfing host, Arno, and his friends, Daniel from Melbourne, another Arno, a French and a Korean who does not speak Korean [he`s fluent in French]. I told them the only thing I missed out on from my last trip was going to the Louvre Museum. So, we braved the snow first, then the rain and headed to the Louv. My flight to Nice was at 8 p.m.

My host, Florian came to the airport. He has a small but cozy and really clean apartment.

I woke up at 7 a.m. and left with Florian, he had to leave for work at 8 a.m. and had to show me where the tram stop is. We had a typical French breakfast! with freshly baked baguettes with nutella and croissant.

I walked along the Promenade Des Anglais and the view was amazing. Everything was perfect until this creepy Italian dude came up to me and tried to talk. It was annoying. Anyways, after I lost him, I found some malls and you know I can`t resist it!

I had dinner with Florian at an authentic Nice restaurant and had some typical local dish and a bottle of white wine.

I said goodbye to Florian in the morning as he left for work, and I slept in, till 4 p.m.! It was greeatttt! I packed and headed out to a hostel near the trains station. I found a hostel for 21 euros a night. There were two French girls from Nimes, and a South Korean girl. It was a small but clean room.

I went out to Checkpoint bar and had three pints of beer and watched football! For some reason, being in Europe always makes me homesick...

I took the train to VilleFranche, a town about 15 minutes away... look out for the gorgeous pictures!!! It was a beautiful day too. I wished I could be there forever... and ever...

Then, I took the train to Monaco. Do you know it`s the smallest country after Vatican CityÉÉÉ I was just amazed at the yatchs... one day... one of those will be mine.....

I felt rich just walking around the Monte Carlo Casino. Stores like Prada, Dior, Louis Vutton, Celine, Burberry, at every corner, cars like Lamborghini, Lotus, Ferrari, Porche parked by the streets like they were JUST cars!!! Elegantly dressed, plastic-like middle-aged European women with their oh-so-precious dogs on leashes...

I met up with Oli by the Fountain at Place Massena. Memories from D.C. came flowing back. It was like back in the day. We talked and talked and talked.... and talked... , wishing Jeremiah and Lauren are with us... and he cooked... of course! LOL.... at 4 p.m. we had good pasta and a bottle of wine...

For dinner, we had the amazing Foie Gras, which I had wanted to try forever! Well, since I knew it existed, the texture... it just melts away in your mouth....and the taste... words alone can`t describe them.. you just have to try it!! [just don`t order it at Citrus restaurant in Ipoh]

Then, we had fat duck breast... so good.... with another bottle of wine...

Later that night, we went to Wayne`s bar and met up with Eduardo, Oli`s Brazilian friend. We had a good time. It was ladies` night so with 3 euros, I get unlimited Champagne!!!!

We went to another bar and the three of us ordered the cheapest Vodka [I can still taste it at the back of my throat - ewww] and downed it with O.J.

It`s kinda windy and cloudy outside... do I want to brave the weather and do something with myselfÉ Or do I want to laze around, listen to some good tunes, and read Homage to Catalonia...ÉÉ

ps. É is actually a question mark. Damn Quebecan keyboards!!


Josh Martin said...

Who else can meet South Koreans, Brazilians and Italians while in France and then blog about it from Quebec? You are simply amazing, Melissa Chi lol.

melissa.chi said...

lol... actually I was still in France but was using a computer from Quebec... ;P

ps. you're still coming to Malaysia right?