Monday, 30 March 2009

Things you don't think about...

In the rural villages of Honduras:
Most of the people drank one to two glasses of water every day.
The average age for first-time mothers is about 15 years old.
By the time the women are 25, some have more than 5 children.
Some die from fatal diseases, while some, from the most minute problems such as diarrhea.
Some New-born babies stop getting breast milk after a few weeks old and were fed coffee or soda.
Some of them think that any kind of pills would cure their sickness. One woman told us she takes antibiotics every time she had a headache.
Most of them have lice and scabies because there's no clean water for them to shower with and most couldn't afford soap.
A boy drew a watch on his wrist because he couldn't afford a real one.
Even though we know the water those people are drinking makes them sick, we tell them to drink it anyway to stay hydrated.

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