Friday, 21 March 2008

Melissa Chi - 101

My decision to backpack around Europe this summer(May 5 '08 - June 19 '08) was made final, when I decided that life is too short to not see the world.

So, as I typed my credit card number last week, my heart was thumping, I couldn't sit still. I realized, this will be an experience of a lifetime!!! This is my first backpacking trip alone, and my first trip ever to Europe!!!

The airfare I found from was US$650 round trip from Detroit to London.

This is a rough draft of my trip so far.

London May 5-6

France May 7-12 (Paris,Nice, Toulousse, Marseille, Monaco, Biarritz, Corsica, Strasbourg)

Spain May 13-15 (Madrid, Barcelona, Toledo, Valencia)

Italy May 16-21 (Rome, Venice, Naples, Florence, Milan, Sicily, Sardinia)

Switzerland May 22-24 (Bern, Interlaken)

Greece May 25-26 (Athens)

Hungary May 27-28 (Budapest)

Czech Republic May 29-30 (Prague)

Germany May 31-June 2 (Berlin, Ludwigsburg, Munich)

Netherlands June 3-5 (Armsterdam)

Belgium June 6-8 (Bruges)

Scotland June 9-10 (Edinburgh)

Ireland June 11-15 (Dublin, and surrounding areas...? )

London June 16-19

I made a promise to myself to make continue updating my blog here with videos, pictures and notes from my travel as soon as I can.

By the way, I am financing this trip on my own. I'm currently working two jobs, one as an assistant news editor for my campus newspaper and a server at my college's eatery. No more online shopping for me ='(

Tips/ways on traveling like it doesn't even cost a thing!!!

Stay for free!
- I have been using for free accommodation and a great way to meet locals!!

Eat cheap!
- Local delicacies are a must!!! No fancy dining place!! Ask locals!!!!

Travel cheap!
- Buy a Eurorail card with a discounted package for youth!!!

Blend in!
- Learn basic phrases in the local languages and spread the joy!!!

Be safe!
- Since I will be staying at strangers' houses, not to mention traveling alone, I guess the only way to really be safe..... is to keep updating you guys!!! =) You will be able to "travel" with me (not physically, but cyberly - is that a word?) , experiencing and following each of my footsteps as I trot around Europe. If all of a sudden there are no updates, you know something happened!!!

Hey let me know if you've got any more advice, suggestions, ideas, hey! send me dares or suggest something crazy... I'll film it and credit you for your imput!



Elliott Ashby said...

I'm very happy for you! Go and conquer! :)

Siri said...

I'm so excited for your trip Mel! And I'm glad I just discovered your blog... keep posting cause I miss you!

KahLing said...

woman! ur dates in london clash with mine! Im leaving back to msia on 13th june! will be free anytime after 16th may!