Monday, 31 March 2008

Woman's History Month

I covered an event titled "UT's Influential Women" about a week ago. You would expect at least 5 women on the panel. Now that's not too much to ask, is it?

Well, I was kind of disappointed to say that there were only three. Not to discredit any of them as they have priceless experiences to offer and they are all extremely talented and without a doubt "influential" women. But wouldn't you think the University of Toledo have more than 3 "influential women" to offer?

I was just wondering if Campus Activities & Programming (CAP) who organized the event think that three were enough to satisfy the theme of the dinner or they had set a higher standard to those who would be considered as "influential" here at the university. I tried calling the president but he has not return any of my phone calls.

Anyways, in my article, Carol Bresnahan, a professor at UT, who will also be leaving to another university soon to the College of New Jersey mentioned something about feminism.

"Bresnahan said taking opportunities and fighting for rights is something women should do, and they shouldn't be afraid to be "labeled" as feminists because of it."It bothers me when young women say 'I'm not a feminist, but I want to fight for equality,'" she said. She thinks the term "feminist" now has an unduly subversive connotation and is a term with which many people do not want to be associated. "

I totally agree, hands down. What do we do about this? I don't have a clue.

Also, it is part of President Lloyd Jacobs' plan to increase the number of woman working here at UT. Now, why in the world are they not doing anything to stop such a prominent woman like Bresnahan to leave??? Think about it...

On the other side of the world, it's uplifting to see a woman embracing a leadership position, especially one from the "lowest caste".

"Mayawati is a 'Dalit's daughter' who has gained wealth and power in India's most populous state. But she wants to be prime minister."

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