Friday, 28 March 2008

Race... gender... religion....equality? What??

This is nothing new to you folks.

Equality... what? Wait a minute, one minute, we shy away from issues like these... because they are "controversial",but all of a sudden everyone has such strong opinions. WTH?

LA Times
Jonah Goldberg
March 25 2008
Thank God for Barack Obama. For until his "More Perfect Union" speech last Tuesday, it seems it never occurred to anyone that America needed to talk about race. "Maybe this'll be the beginning of a conversation," Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan proclaimed on "Meet the Press." According to New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, just the fact of Obama's address proves that a "national dialogue on race" is "essential." The Chicago Tribune reported that "many voters, black and white, say they were moved by Obama's speech ... which they see as a long-awaited invitation to begin an honest, calm national dialogue about race." Newspaper editorial boards agree. In the words of the San Diego Union-Tribune: "Prodding Americans to confront their racial differences is, by itself, an accomplishment of historical proportions."

This whole "battle" between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama is getting way out of control.

They are both equally(in my opinion) qualified to be the President of The United States- POTUS

One has priceless experience to offer, the other compensate with his vision and "freshness".

If either one is elected, history will be made.

Ask any of your grandparents or even parents... has it ever occur to them that one day the United States will have a WOMAN president? a non-White president??

What seem to be a win-win situation to me, seem to be a win or die situation to most Clinton and Obama's fiercely loyal supporters.

Political analysts have begun to realize that the battle between these two may not be good for the Democratic Party. If this goes on, the other party will be laughing their way to victory.

I am not a supporter of any party at all. I'm not even eligible to vote in this country. But I just want to remind those of you who could, don't abuse this opportunity.

This election is not about getting your favorite person to win or getting THE FIRST WOMAN president or THE FIRST NON-WHITE president ...or anything other than choosing the best candidate who will lead this country as best as it can be done, while keeping all the century-old problems in mind.

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