Thursday, 3 April 2008

About time!!

About time the world tells the Chinese Government they can't do whatever the hell they want, and get away with it.

I know it has always been "we can't anger the Chinese! the labor is dirt cheap! whereelse can we go and pay someone less than $5 a day and earn a 300% profit? China, it' s big market, we need them for this, and that, etc."

Well, thanks to the Olympics, for once, the rest of the world is not inferior to the Chinese, they finally need us for something (well, at least the rich and powerful)

I have attached part of an article from the LATimes. Click on the title-About Time for the complete article.

So when the Chinese government -- at the center of all three controversies -- came calling on the U.S. entertainment industry for advice on how to stage the biggest and best opening ceremony ever held on Earth (or at least in a communist country), they got more that they bargained for.

The response:

1. Quit doing business with the Sudanese government while it's waging war against its own people in Darfur, and go to work at the U.N. to bring about peace.

2. Lay off the monks in Burma and cut out the beatings in Tibet. A little religious freedom, please.

3. And what's that you're saying about the Dalai Lama? You should know he's more popular here than Tom Hanks.

The Chinese, not exactly keen on being given orders, surprisingly have responded in recent weeks with some positive action. After Spielberg announced that he was dropping all plans to assist the Chinese with their big show because of the killings in Darfur, the government began pushing the Sudanese government to accept a peacekeeping force into the troubled region.

As I said, about damn time.

But out of curiosity, what do we have, that the Chinese will need, after the Olympic Games are over??

Think about it. Is the United States still "the greatest country in the world"?

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