Friday, 11 April 2008

Life is too short!!

As I'm doing research for my Europe trip, I'm starting to get really stressed out; about my financial situation, the security during my entire trip, or just worrying if it will all work out.

Then, I stumble across this article about how this person decided to just quit his job to travel the world. Click here to read the article.

When he came back, people would ask him what his favorite place was, he couldn't think of one. To him the places are all the same, but it's the people he met, the experiences he had and the high from just living life.

It's true what he said, that travelling can be a dangerous drug.
"At first it made us feel high in a new and fabulous way, and eventually we came to need it just to feel normal. So for all of us coming home was like coming down."

That I can relate to.
Whether it's coming home (to Malaysia) from the States, or coming back to Toledo after an amazing semester in Washington D.C., often times, I felt myself withdrawing from the state of mind captured on all those hours of videotape and hundreds and hundreds of pictures I took.

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chongkz said...

Ah-huh, I hope you're not going to turn into a Christopher McCandless. By the way, is this your blog? I shall link you...? By the way, if this trip works out, keep me posted. We could meet up in England or so (I hope).