Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Malaysia takes on a new direction

I'm proud to say that Malaysia seems to be heading towards the right direction with the new parliament, consisting of a record number of opposition members. 

There's finally a balance in the government. The fact that the ruling National Front coalition had  been in power since the country's independence, just doesn't seem right to me for a "democratic" country.

With the obvious favoritism over Malays from education opportunities to job searches to social benefits throughout history, it's about time "other" Malaysians are given EQUAL opportunities.

The one thing I've observed is here in the United States, people identify themselves as Asian-American, African-American, etc. even though they were born and raised in the U.S. and even the generations before them. They were very much American just like their white counterparts. And yet, they don't see themselves as "Americans", or at least they don't expect to be treated like one.

In Malaysia however, being of Chinese descent, I have never identify myself as a Chinese more than a Malaysian. I've always been proud of the fact that even of different colors, "the Chinese", "the Indians" and "the Malays" see ourselves as Malaysians.

Or at least the regular civilians do. For some reason, those in power always found a way to emphasize on our differences by showing favor to people of a certain race. 

I hope I see a better and a more "Malaysian" Malaysia soon. 

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