Monday, 14 April 2008

Feeling smart...Prove God and Science compliment each other?

Thanks to Dan Brown's 'Angels and Demons' book, I now know a little more about Illuminati, Italy and CERN.

"Europe's enormous $8-billion particle accelerator, to be activated as early as this summer, is generating both excitement and fear."

GENEVA -- Michelangelo L. Mangano, a respected particle physicist who helped discover the top quark in 1995, now spends most days trying to convince people that his new machine won't destroy the world.

"Critics think the collider could also spawn a black hole that will swallow Earth."

" Mangano who is part of the CERN group studying the safety of the collider, doesn't deny the scant possibility that the collider could yield a mini-black hole."

"What the critics are in such a lather about is the $8-billion Large Hadron Collider, a massive assemblage of iron, steel and superconducting wire 300 feet underground in a 17-mile-long circular tunnel on the Franco-Swiss border."

"The most complex piece of scientific equipment ever built, the collider will send particles crashing into each other at just a wink shy of the speed of light, generating energies more powerful than the sun."

"These discoveries enabled physicists to devise a compelling picture of the universe at the subatomic level. Known as the Standard Model, it is considered the most successful scientific theory in history."

This means that it's possible to study the universe in an extra, extra, extra miniscule size.

From what I've read from Dan Brown's work, the collider will actually prove that science and God exist and work together hand-in-hand.

The energy from the collider is so great that it can create matter out of nothing, thus, the book of Genesis.

In the book, it also mentioned antimatter, which is the opposite of a matter, which many before this thought never existed.

"With this re-creation of the early moments of the universe, scientists may also be able to delve into the unexplained imbalance between matter and antimatter. So far, experiments have not been able to explain why there's so much matter in the universe and no antimatter, beyond what is created in colliders."

"But there are problems. First, the Standard Model can't explain why the universe is composed of matter. According to theory, equal amounts of matter and antimatter would have been created in the Big Bang, which created the universe. As soon as they met, they should have annihilated each other, releasing photons of light."

"In our macro-world, crashing things together, like cars, makes big things into smaller things, like broken headlights and fenders. But it's different in the subatomic world, where crashing two Priuses together can produce a 10-wheeler."

"Look," Mangano said, leaning forward in his chair at CERN's sprawling complex, "what if I told you tomorrow when you shave you will blow up the world? You laugh. You say that can't happen. But how do you know?"

"The only thing we know is that there have been about a million billion shaves since people started shaving and the world is still here," he said. "So all we can say is the probability of you blowing up the world when you shave tomorrow is less than one in 1015."

**I'm not a science buff but this is really interesting. Testifying the impossible is now possible and being alive and conscious to witness this great discovery.

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