Monday, 28 April 2008

Sin City

Thursday - I got to Las Vegas at 7 p.m. We went back to Vivien's house because I was exhausted, from not sleeping the night before and guess what? Her mum prepared a homely Malaysian dinner! It's been so0o0 long.....

Friday - We spent the day at the Las Vegas Boulevard, the famous "strip" just hanging out and interviewing random people. It was fun! We walked around with a con
tainer that looks like a bong really, and it's as tall as I am!! Pina Colada + Strawberry + Margarita = Yummy!

Saturday - I spent the first half of the day studyin and  working on my finals. =( How ironic right? Here I am in Vegas, where I slept the most in the past 2 months and did most of my assignments. LOL. At night, we watched the Blue Man Group. I got to say, they were rather disappointing. I dozed off halfway through. The best thing was, towards the end, there were massive amount of toilet paper roll flowing from the back of the room. It was awesome!!!!

Sunday - We had Dim Sum for breakfa
st. Then, we took the dogs out for a treat of frozen yoghurt. They were too cute! Then we went to do some hiking at Red Rock Canyon. The view was breathtaking. The pictures we took did no justice to it.

Monday - Here I am, in UNLV's student union, trying to work on my finals.

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