Wednesday, 2 April 2008

This would have been a more interesting story had I participated as one of the dancers. Little did I know that the registeration fee cost $15 and each dancer had to raise at least $50. As you know, I am kind of spread thin financially, I've decided not to fork out $65 and sacrifice precious hours of sleep... again.

My editor in chief packed me lunch because he thought I'll be staying the whole 16 hours. Which was sweet of him. But I was debating... to get a couple hours of sleep, the least I can do let my body heal... after overworking myself in the past week, or hang around and watch 430 students dance? Hmm.... I made the decision. Sleep was more important.

Overall, I'm satisfied with the story I wrote for The Independent Collegian but I wish I could have done better on this news package. I'm still trying to get used to video editing.


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sweeleen said...

Hey MEL!! you're doing great! love the videos and the write-ups. you should aim for anchoring a top news channel some day ;)