Friday, 11 April 2008

The other side of the story

The lack of coverage [of the war in Iraq] lately doesn't bring justice to the fact that there are still people fighting, hoping to live a normal life in their own country.

I found a couple interesting stories today. Chect them out.

Iraqi Soldiers selling boots to go home

So, the President's finally listening.

"President Bush is scheduled to announce today that Army units heading to war after Aug. 1 will serve 12-month tours rather than the current 15-month deployments, senior defense officials said."

In the article, "There are 160,000 troops in Iraq, including about 18 combat brigades, and that number is expected to go down to 140,000, including 15 brigades, by the end of July. Military leaders have consistently said that 15-month tours put too much stress on soldiers and their families."

Good news, for now.

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Keith said...

Tell the world what you see. You can become a giant without being like that.... LOL. Sometimes what they try to do gets to seem a tad out of control! Keep writing!