Sunday, 11 May 2008

Day 5 - Switzerland

Switzerland = Happyland!

The weather was perfect, everyone was by the river in their bathing suits, tanning, smoking, drinking... kids were roller-blading, cycling... some were walking their dogs (and a lot of them, I swear are as big as a pony!!) People were grilling at the park, playing frisbee....

I don't ever want to leave Switzerland... not too sure how my couchsurfer host would feel about that... LOL... 

(Don't worry, Justin, JK)

So today was supposed to be my crazy adventurous day.

Not so much.

Sky-diving was too expensive, so was bungee jumping.

I was a little too late for Canyon Jump, so I settled for paragliding.

Don't get me wrong, the view was gorgeous and it was fun. But I didn't have the mad adrenaline rush I expected to get when I go "crazy" in Switzerland. I've para-sailed before, it felt like it was the same.

I'll have the video and pictures up in a moment.

Then in the evening, I got into an argument with my "superior" and how I should be more aware of the "hierarchy" and he's the BOSS. 

Well, boss, I know as the news editor, I'm not the one with the most experience, nor am I claiming to be as good as the former news editor who was in her position for 2 years, besides the fact that she's very good at what she does. 

Nor is he. He's not exactly the most familiar face among the administrators for the past two years, nor had he as much experience in news writing as our former editor in chief or news editor.

He kept saying, "Don't think that I'm just the photo guy and I don't know anyone/anything that's going on." I've never said anything close to that.

All I'm saying is we're both new to things so don't throw this HIERARCHY bullshit at me.

As you know, I'm out of the country at the moment and I won't be around for our first two summer issues. But I'm not trying to push all my responsibilities to him.

All I asked of him was to do the "Who's That" (for those of you who reads the IC would know) which is really short and simple. He had once said that he don't want to be bothered with small/unimportant assignments/stories. He wants to "focus on the big stories".

Also, I got an e-mail from an administrator yesterday about something that had happened on campus. I replied him immediately saying that I'll have someone from the IC give him a call. (the BOSS would probably be the best person since it's a "big story". So, I forward the e-mail to the BOSS and tell him to give the administrator a call once he's got the time, stating that it's really important.

There he goes with the hierarchy bullshit and how he has a problem with me assigning things to my "superior" and I've "committed him to something that I don't even know if he could do". So, he's in Toledo, and he can't even find 5-10 minutes to call an administrator about something major that had happened? Oh I'm sorry, I didn't know the editor in chief are not supposed to help his "subordinates" out. I thought this will be teamwork since we're all students and we have other priorities in life too.

I'm trying to do my job here, from halfway across the world. Trying to keep myself and my fellow colleagues updated with things happening on campus. And yet, I was being told off.

I know I'm not wrong. So, when I get back to Toledo, and if this bullshit is thrown at my face again, I'm not going to tolerate it. 

On a lighter note, Justin and I went to a nice little Italian restaurant. He had lasagna and I had Gnocchi. They were both really delicious and we both had a big glass of Swiss draught beer. Walking home, we decided to stop by the "sketchy place" where we went last night and got the big bottle of "cheap" beer.

It was a tiring but a good day. Looking forward to resting and lazing around tomorrow. (Everything's closed on Sundays in Europe)

Paragliding 160 CHF
Photos from it (yes, it costs money) 25 CHF
Lunch ( Ham & Cheese Sandwich) 4 CHF
Dinner (Italian) 30 CHF

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