Friday, 23 May 2008

Day 17 - Roma

For breakfast, Alex made really good cappuccino with his professional coffee maker... yum, and we had some bread with honey and biscuits...

I should have followed the advice I read online somewhere...

Should have bought the Roma Pass - 11 Euros for 3 day metro usage and free admission to the 1st two sites..

Because, when I went to the Colleseo, it costs 11 Euros!!! So does the Forum!!! yikes!!!

I decided to skip them

It rained when I was at the Colliseo =(

When I was doing my stand up in front of the Coliseum, an old couple from San Diego came over and asked me what I was doing that for... they were really interested... when I told them that I go to school in Ohio, he was like, "People in Ohio speak such good English?" Lol, don't know what that means.. I just thought that was funny...

After that, I wanted to go to Circo Maximus and when I got out of the metro, I didn't know what to see or where to go... and obviously there were some tourists with maps, so I asked them what is there to see around there

This guy told me about the Bath ruins - Terma di Carcalla. It's 4 Euros to get in, not too bad but... nahh...

So, I headed to the Spanish steps next, where there's the steps, urm... yeah... then to Fontana di Trevi... I really liked the fountain.. pretty cool stuff...

**Lol, I have to apologize, I don't know too much about the history nor do I really know how to appreciate the artwork... I wish I do, but I don't. Oh well....

Then, I headed back to the Ponte Galleria train stop, where Alex came and picked me up. 

We went to Trastevere ( which means beyond the river - it used to be an area for the really poor, not anymore obviously) where we went to this little pizzeria... OMG the pizza was amazing!!!!! 
Anchovies + Zucchini flower
Fresh tomatoes + fresh mozzarella cheese + fresh basil!
Then we had gelato again!!!! yeay!!! I lo0o0oo0o0o0ove Gelato!!!

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