Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Guest Rules

Well, Manfred and his mum have guest rules.... I don't know them all but these are some of the things I've learnt after spending a day with them

-You can't wash dishes
-You have to let the host to pay for everything
-Ladies get his bed, and Manfred gets the couch, etc

And he's addicted to hosting, really!

So now he is hosting myself and Katrina... I'll be gone by tonight but Katrina's gonna be here till Friday, then some Taiwanese guy will be here by noon, and tomorrow some guy from Chicago will be coming too!!!! lol...

By the way his apartment is really nice and cute... and the shower's amazing... small but the water pressure, temperature, everything was perfect!!! I felt like taking a shower forever last night but of course I can't coz they were waiting for me to watch "Eye of the Beholder" - a really good but creepy movie, starring Ewan McgGregor and Ashley Judd.

After the movie, Manfred drove up to Piazza Michaelangelo to show me the night's view of all of Florence. It was incredible!! I wish I had a better camera/video camera so you could see too... too bad. 

Then, we went to get Gelato at 2 in the morning!!!!! It was s0o0oo0o0o goood!!!!!!!! yummy...

Anyways, I think I want to walk around Florence more today... and tonight I'll be heading to Roma!!! yeay!!!

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