Friday, 9 May 2008

End of Day 3 - Switzerland

I just arrived in Bern, Switzerland at about midnight and I'm at my couchsurfing host's apartment! His  name is Justin Hane and he seems like a pretty cool guy. He grew up in Waterloo, Canada but his parents were from Switzerland. Here's a video of him!!

He speaks perfect English, so it was really funny when he pulled out the Swiss-German accent. LOL!


Professor Thornton said...

So! Couchsurfing is a way of getting free housing or low-cost housing when you backpack through Europa?! How cool! But, in a way, pretty dang scary! Glad you got a nice tour on video, 'cause I was wondering what Couchsurfing is...

And, are taking some amazing pictures!

peiwen said...

Fantastic crib.. and was he making up that accent? AHAHAHA!