Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Europe Adventure - Day 1 London pictures and video!!



sweeleen said...

I miss London!!!!! have a great trip around europe girl! will b checking ur blog often! U TAKE CARE n becareful!!! <3

chongkz said...

Oh my God. I cannot you actually went travelling alone. You're damn cekap wei! Anyway, have fun and please take good care of yourself.

KahLing said...

hey babe! sorry i couldn't catch you when u were for a few days! busy cramming for exams! i will be free after 16th may tough! and my flight back home to msia is on 13th june. so anytime between that if u're in london give me a buzz (07711989792), facebook, or whatever. if i do not manage to catch u...on a good day, weather wise, catch a train down to BRIGHTON. U'll see a beach with pebbles...instead of nice sand! a mini theme park over the water, and and an indian castle tucked in the middle of the city! It's brighton festival now as well, so there will be lots to do and see if you go at the right time. oh ya u can't miss the infamous chinatown in london! haha, and madame tussauds and u have to watch a musical here or watch a ballet!! ;) take care!