Monday, 12 May 2008

Day 6 - Switzerland

It's a Sunday and basically nothing opens on a Sunday in Europe. So, I took the opportunity to update my blog, edit my videos and upload photos.

Tonight, for dinner, Justin prepared a typical Swiss meal for me. It is  called raclette. This meal is usually enjoyed during the cold weather months and consists of melted cheese on a miniature frying pan, accompanied by a small roasted potato and some savory side dishes like pickles and marinated onion salad.

It was delicious!!!!

After that, we watched "No Country for Old Men". It's a good movie, but didn't like the ending and won't necessarily watch it again. Then Justin had to call it a night as he had to work tomorrow. I decided to watch another movie, "A Mighty Heart". Angelina Jolie's performance was amazing and the story of Miriam Pearl, how she's not "terrorized" by the inhumane act of the terrorists was really inspiring.

I'll probably be walking around old town in the morning tomorrow, then head back and pack. I'll be leaving to Barcelona at  9 p.m. by train.

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