Monday, 19 May 2008

End of Day 8 -Barcelona

I decided to head over to the beach - Villa Olympico and interview some tourist... I've never seen so many gorgeous people - half naked.. lol in one place before..
The girls were topless... and i've heard that there were naked men sun bathing too.. but i guess i missed it.. not sure if it was a bad thing though... lol
anyways... look out for my video in barcelona!!!

Then, I went to Parc Guel, thanks to the advice of my producer, Dawn... the park was nice.. it's declared a UNESCO heritage site.. because of the interesting and long history behind it.. as I was walking... I was thinking to myself... I remembered Lauren showed me pictures of her trip to Barcelona and there's walls of lil ceramic pieces... i was wondering where that was...

Literally, within the next minute, it was right before my eyes... it was so beautiful!! I've never seen anything like it... well, except in Lauren's pics... I'll post them up soon... =)

Then, I head back to Hostel Fernandos, took a shower, and head out for dinner.... I went to Bar Del Pi and had tapas and half a litre of Sangria.. dinner was good!! 

At the end of it, i was just staring into space (like I always do) and enjoying being just where I am... then I thought of getting a cigarette from this girl... I was going to pay her but she said it's okay and invited me over to her table.. she was with a friend, Pau and it was their first time meeting up in 8 months!

They prove to be very fun and interesting... (they're not a couple but I think they're at a flirting stage.. if you know what I mean) anyways, the girl, Anna is from Germany but she met Pau at her first job in Barcelona.. Pau on the other hand was raised in Barcelona...

They sound really excited that I'm from Malaysia... they say they'll come visit!! 

Anyways, they told me they had to work tomorrow... and it was 11 p.m. I asked if it was normal for working people to go out and drink on weekdays... they say yeah! y not?? I told them about the drinking age in the U.S. and they were shocked... lol.. I think the drinking age in spain for beer is 14 and for hard liquor is 16.. that's what they told me...

anyways, the bar we were at were closing, so we head over to another bar and had more drinks...

they told me to give them a call if I were to stay longer.. too bad, I'll be leaving tomoro.... They walked me back to the hostel... it was 1 a.m.

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