Thursday, 8 May 2008

Day 2 & 3 - Paris

I arrived at Paris de Nord (train station) by the Chunnel/Eurostar at 10:15 a.m. I took the metro to Auberge Internationale de Jeunes and checked it. It cost me 13 Euros for the night. Then, I head out to the Notre Dame Cathedral (which is free!!), took a 40-minute train ride to Versailles (the beautiful city on the hill). The area was pretty cool and there were beautiful chateus. I saw something about Marie  Antoinnette which is pretty cool but it cost about 8 Euros to enter. I opted out and walked around the are instead. Next, I took the metro to Eiffel Tower and bought the ticket to go all the way to the top of the tower which cost me 12 Euros.

Oh, another great way to save, I bought a baguette for 0.58 Euros! and that lasted me a whole day!

And guess who I bumped into on the way down from the Eiffel Tower? Ooi Jin Ann, my high school senior! It was almost unbelievable... when I saw her I was like... are you who I think you are? lol... it was pretty weird. She was here alone too. She was studying in Malaysia but is in Norway for a semester, I think, to work on a project. Her trip to Paris was random, she just took a week off from working on her project. 

Crazy I tell ya!! It was her first day in the city too!!! We went to the famous Arch together, then headed home at 9 p.m.

At night, I hung out with other fellow travellers. It was an easy/relaxing night. 

It's Thursday, May 8 now, 12:45 p.m. / 6: 45 a.m. in Toledo. I'm at McDonald's because Starbucks is not opened today. It's a French Public Holiday today. Something about celebrating their victory during WWII, I think. Anyways, for the rest of the day, I think I'll just edit my video and plan for my trip.

Later today at 1730, I'll be taking the train to Bern, Switzerland. My couchsurfer host is Justin Hane!

Come back for more updates!!! =)

Day 2
Reservation for train to Bern  5 Euros
Metro 1.50 Euros
3 Postcards 0.75 Euros
3 international stamps 2.50 Euros
Metro Day Pas 5.86 Euros
Hostel for the night 13 Euros
Baguette  0.58 Euros
Dinner(Ham & Cheese sandwich, glass of beer) 8.60 Euros
Eiffel Tower 12 Euros
2 small bottles of water 2 Euros

Day 3
Metro 1.50 Euros
Baguette  0.58 Euros
McDonald 2.50 Euros
Big bottle of water 0.41 Euros

1 Euro = 1.54 USD = 4.94 MYR



wHyE_kELLy said...

hey mel!!!

Are in Europe by yourself? how long's ur trip? omg, i envy u... and you guts.. lol. i so wanna be there. anyways, enjoy ur remaining trip and be safe! muaks!
when are u coming melb? lol

melissa.chi said...

Lol, you should come and join me!!!
Melb? soon hopefully.... but it's so far away.... =(
I miss Melbourne...

professor thornton said...

What great fun to "travel" with you via your blog!

Don't forget to take pics of the places where you're staying, the foods you're eating, the laundromats where you're washing your things!--I want to see how you "do" Europe on a strict budget, but still get to enjoy the way people live!

All the best!