Monday, 19 May 2008

Day 10 - Supposedly Pau but in Frenchland (Foix)

It's 9:45 p.m. and I'm in Foix, somewhere south of France. It's been a crazy day. I was supposed to take the 6:55 a.m. train this morning to Pau, but I got up at 7... so...

Anyways, so there I was still drunk and disoriented, trying to pack my stuff and leave the hostel. It was drizling, I had to take the cab which cost me 10 Euros to get there. Anyway, once I got there there's a 8:25am train to Cerbere to NArbonne, to Toulouse to Pau. Fine, I'm supposed to get to Pau by 7:40 p.m.

On my last train, when I woke up, I was alone. It was pretty creepy. I didn't think any of it. But half an hour passed and the train hasnt moved yet. So, I walked around the train, not a single soul, not even the driver. So, I tried to get out of the train. It was locked...I spent the next 15 minutes just trying to figure out what's goin on (I was still a little hung over at the time) 

In  the end, I started banging on the window to get other people's attention. Finally, this guy turned after like 10 minutes of nonstop banging on the window. I sign at him to get someone to get me out. He did.. then the guy came and opened the door. I went to the end of the train and got my backpacks, only to come back to a locked door again. I had no choice. I pulled the emergency button for the door release. The alarm went off but I managed to manually pull the door apart.

So I went to the counter only to find out the soonest I can get to Pau will be tomorrow afternoon.. Chris and Melinda would probably be gone by then, so no point going there. I can't believe I was in tears talking to the lady. She speaks no english! it was so frustrating. Anyways, I figured i gotta find a place to stay for the night and head to Nimes tomoro. But then again, I remember my aunt telling me that she's not free tomoro. Anyways I walked aimlessly around this french speaking little town and found a hotel... after 20 minutes of walking with my packs. I felt like dying. It's a small little hotel connected to the bar downstairs. It was 45 Euros for the night, I had no choice. It's clean and fairly small. It's a queen size bed though the bathroom looks like one of those in an airplane. And there's a small tv.

I've never felt so helpless/frustrated/desperate in my life. Nobody speaks English here. Anyway I decided to head to Nimes whether my aunt is available or not because it's too expensive for me to stay for another night and nobody speaks english anyways. 

I guess it is good in a way that it gives me time to relax and just edit my videos.. which is the last thing i want to do right now.

**Frenchland (Foix) is not for me.

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