Friday, 30 May 2008

Time of reflection

This 7-week Europe trip was a big step for me. I did it to "see the world" and sort of discover myself too. I've never traveled alone for such a long period of time before, especially not in a foreign environment.

Today I had time to just kind of unwind, and catch up on the news. I've been reading quite a few articles about the Cyclone in Myanmar and the earthquake in China. 

Here's an article from a journalist's point of view on reporting from China.

China quake's horrors leave an imprint

"Friends sometimes question the sanity of being a journalist, and particularly a foreign correspondent. When everyone else is running away from danger, reporters head toward it. "

"In the rush, you didn't have a whole lot of time to think very deeply about what you were seeing. There was too much to do, too many editor demands, too many logistics problems."

"Around day three or four, though, you started thinking about the intrusion you represented as a foreigner asking deeply personal questions about love and loss of those coping with undreamed-of suffering."

"I vow to treasure life and those I love more fully and to appreciate the vulnerability of life. But I'm also aware that my record on living an ideal life is spotty, with reality more often one of unkept promises, incomplete checklists, important things left unsaid."

Reading this article kinda of reeled me back to my aspirations. To be a journalist, and make a difference - hopefully.

I spoke to Justin Hane (my first couchsurfing host in Switizerland) who happens to be a journalist, about his one year stint in Africa. It was obviously a whole different experience for him. I just wish that his blog, when he was in Sierra Leone is still up. (Come on, Justin!!!)

That idea has been lurking around - so has the idea of heading to Myanmar and/or China. But I don't want to head towards that direction blindly. Being an aid worker is a great way to offer help and is obviously greatly in need. But I would rather go under the direction of a journalist - to teach me the ropes of how to do this the best way - be objective and yet not sink and drown with the presence of all the emotions and proof of the vulnerability of life.

I just wish I have more time and more financial flexibility to do what I want.

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