Monday, 19 May 2008

Day 9 - Still in Barcelona

I got up, pack.. and rented the locker for 1.50 euros.. went to the train station.. only to find out that i cant go to Pau today.. the soonest will have to be the next day, early in the morning.. so i head back, got the same bed for another night and walked around Las Ramblas... i found out that i can get free dinner at travel bar.. i went there and checked it out.. everyone spoke english!!!! and they were really cool and laid back.. 

I walked around even more... saw a three-piece orchestra.. violin, cello.. and something else, I have to look at my video again =) it;s a cool little town i have to say.. then at 6, i head back, took a shower and got ready for my free dinner.. i chatted with the two girls from montreal a bit.. they didn't seem to be too excited over the free dinner... oh well... so i went, and got a plate of pasta! it;'s really good.. i had a glass of san miguel too.. 2.50 Euros.. then, halfway eating.. i heard someone aksing for the 1 Euro meal.. which was the same thing i was having.. they were speaking english too,... so i turned around and told them about my free meal... 

-had another pine of German Beer 4.50 Euros

I started talking to Jillian and she told me she's traveling alone too!!!! for 3 months!!!!! it's her first time traveling outside of Canada too!!! Pretty impressive I must say.. Jon and Bart on the other hand were friends from high school!! they were traveling together and Jillian met them at the train station... they were all canadians (they had flags on their packs... lol) they invited me to join them and i did.! 

they were really a fun bunch... then in the bathroom, jon started talking to this girl... i was peeing and i heard UT! i was like i go to UT too!!! but then i found out she was talking about Uni of texas... anyways... we invited her to join us.. she did later.. with her husband... Parker.. they're a fun young couple... 

Anyways, when I was peeing, I read this poster in the bathroom stall that there's free beer in travel port... another bar.. i told my new found friends about it and we decided to head over, after a while.. 

on the way there, some guy just came over and took a picture with us and french-kissed Carlye... it was scary but hilarious- her husband was just standing there... so apparently he was high on meth or something... anyways.. it was weird..

on the way there, we met Lucio who told us about this bar which had 1 Euro drinks.. so we went over and met this crazy old, gay irish guy..

btw the drinks were budweiser and they weren't 1 euro.. dang it!! anyways it was the weirdest encounter and we had the craziest conversation ever!!!! The Irish man was quite a character (can't remember his name) i wish i had filmed it... but anyways... we met Jim at the bar too... he's from Maine.. his story was that he's actually in barcelona for 4 days initialy... then it turned to 2 weeks.. then to 3 months... now its been 3 years... crazy eh? but don't u love hearing stories like that??  --it's so inspiring!!!

anyways,.. he told us where Travel Port is.. so we went over there and had free beer!!! yeay!! it was great!!!

then we deicded to go to the beach.. where Jon decided to tackle Jillian and Parker me... i didn't even know what happened.. we were just rolling on the beach by the water.... yeah... my camera was in my hand... and it got wet (and it's not working anymore =( ) .. i got wet and covered in sand.. anyway... Bart realized he lost his camera so we decided to find our way back to Travel Port.... on the way... some guy was all over him trying to get a cigarette or something... pretty creepy... anyway.. back to the bar, no camera =( he was pretty pissed.. I would be too...

i was walking barefoot.. with my heels in one hand and my face covered in sand, drunk... pretty hilarious... the boys were nice enough to walk Jillian and myself back to our hostels... i was so grossed out that i had to take a shower.. by the time i was done, it was 4 am..

i was supposed to leave at 5.45am.. so i thought a little nap wont hurt.. i was sitting upright too! anyway, i woke up and it was 7... 

I packed and rushed out

i was so loud that i got yelled at.. oops....

Goodbye Barcelona!!!!! I'll be back!!!!!

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