Monday, 19 May 2008

Day 11 & 12 - Finally in Nimes

I got up late, as usual... my train was at 9am and i woke up at 8.40.. i rushed out of the hotel in Foix, without a shower/brushing my teeth whatsoever.. yeah gross!!.. then i took a taxi.. whom i have to explain what a "train station" is for a whole 5/10 mins... and it cost me 6 euros!!!eek.. anyways... good thing there's another train at 11.30 to Toulouse to Nimes... i got to Nimes at 5.30 and saw my aunt and uncle! they seem to be really nice and Uncle Philip is a real joker... Aunt Sybil started explaining how we are related.. it's funny really... even my mother nor Uncle Gary has ever met her... they are cousins... they share the same grandfather...

anyways... it took us 40 mins to get home.. it was kinda cool... a walled city.... on the outside it looked kinda old and small.. but on the inside it's actually pretty cool.. i didn't get any pictures but i did get a video tour of the house... it'll be up soon! I promise!

i was going to stay for another night but i found out that chris and melinda's gonna be in cannes tomoro evening... and the only time there's a train is to leave agues nogue at noon... to nimes, to marseille to cannes... i got there at 5.30 .. so i decided to make reservatons for my tic to go to florence next which cost me 5 euros.. then to the tourism office to find out about the film festival and how we're gonna get to the hotel.... they got there at 7.30 ... then, we met this girl from indiana.. melissa too!!! anyways... the bus to the hotel was too full... so Chris decided to walk around... we saw Woody Allen on the screen!!! anyways.. i was about to die walking with my packs and with the amount of pppl there..

anyways..we got on the bus and walked a good 5 mins up hill before we got to the hotel... it was a nice hotel... and we had dinner down stairs... i ordered dori fish which was really good but melinda ordered something that looked like raw hamburger meat.. she was disgusted.. so we exchanged.. i didn't really care... then we had 3 free shots/ mini pots of bubble gum, strawberry and mint vodka!! then we watched lars and the real girl.. which was kinda weird and i fell asleep a couple times..

** So glad to see them, finally....

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