Thursday, 29 May 2008

Day 21 - Monday, May 26 @ Athina

Adam and I head out to the city center. Before anything else, we went to look for Savvas - a place known for their amazing Greek food. 

Then he head over to the Acropolis first while I went to the travel agency to buy the ticket for my ferry to Paros Island on Tuesday night.

We met up -  I was sweating like a pig at that point! Acropolis was really cool - but I wish I knew more of the history to appreciate it... oh well... maybe I'll do my research for my next trip! ;)

Then we kinda walked around and decided to head back to Ubava's to do laundry. It was so darn expensive!!! 5 Euros to wash and 2 Euros to dry! yikes! 

Anyways, it was pretty funny coz Adam was wearing an Italia shirt and almost everywhere we went, the Greeks were like "Yeay Italia"!!! and he has to go "no,no - Canadia!"

He could have passed for an Italian, I swear... but what do I know.. "all whites look the same"... LOL!  

We spent the night "YouTubing" - Ubava and Adam share the same taste in music... I can't say I do too...

"The holy trinity - Pink Floyd, The Black Sabbath, (I'll have to ask Ubava what it was again)"

I slept at about 2 a.m. coz I had to catch the bus to Delphi tomorrow. Adam hung out with Ubava and her friend, Stelios (from Crete Island) till about 3.30 a.m. 

**I'm glad I introduced couchsurfing to Adam. I know he likes stayin in Hostels coz he could meet other travelers like himself - but couchsurfing is a whole other experience... ya know???

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Uba said...

Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath and of course Led Zeppelin! (remember Adam's shirt and the story about how they got their name?) ;)