Saturday, 21 June 2008

Day 1 - Back in Toledo

Friday, June 20, 2008


I'm back... well, at least it's nice and warm here in Toledo... but ahh... what should I do with myself... on a nice day like today... on a Friday...

I keep thinking.. hey I can get a gelato! grab a bottle of beer and satisfy my growling stomach with a kebab (yummyyy) and have a lil picnic at the park!

wait a minute...! I forgot:

-there's no gelato in Toledo
-I'm not "old" enough to drink in this country (blody hell)
-it's against the law to drink in public (rolls eyes)
-there's no kebab in Toledo

... and yeah...

oh and! I was just told that next week is AVI's (UT's food service company I've been working for) last week! I'll have to apply a job with the new company... and they might not even hire so soon! Arghh!


MuslimColoredLens said...

i dont know about the rest.. but there is sooo Kebabs in Toledo!!

Its right in the corner of Bancroft and Reynolds. And they're better than whatever the Greek can come up with. of course.


sweeleen said...

HEY Mel! glad u enjoyed ur trip and went back safely =P not coming back to msia this summer??

melissa.chi said...

really? okay... i gotta check it out then... r they cheap like in Berlin? ;)

hey Swee Leen, nope... run out of maybe next summer! =) I know u guys will have so much fun getting together... too bad...

oh well... next year! =)