Monday, 16 June 2008

Day 41 - Still in Dublin

Sunday, June 15, 2008

We woke up at 4 p.m. lol...I know right? crazy! I was gonna take the ferry at 2.45 - oh well... decided to take the one at 9 p.m. instead. But then I went to the wrong port, and had to miss the ferry. I know, things like this always, always happen to me.

When I was waiting for the train, a bunch of kids just came over. They seem pretty harmless and one of them was really talkative. He sat next to me and started asking me questions like so what do u have in ur bag? do u have a lap top? Can i see it? 

I honestly thought they were normal kids. Then, he started unbuckling my pack and playing around with my stuff and they wouldn't stop! Apparently they were bums. Then a guy came and "rescue" me. He told him to get off of me and go away. They started "attacking" him instead. They were pulling at his paper bag and saying nasty things to him.. nothing you would imagine out of the mouths of 7-11 year olds. It was a disturbing moment. 

Right after the boy left me, a couple sitting on the same bench moved closer and the girl was kinda "consoling" me I guess? saying it's okay - and that she's never seen anything like that either. Crazy!

The in the train, I met an old lady and her daughter. Of course, my big pack started the conversation and I kinda explained my whole trip to them (I told them about couchsurfing too!) Then I asked them about the stop I was goin to but they weren't goin that far, instead they told the people around me to let me know. Everyone seemed to be so nice!!

Anyways, I got there only to realize I was at the wrong port. I missed the ferry. I guess I would be spending another night in Dublin. 

It was raining on the way back. I decided to take a taxi home. My driver was from Nigeria but he just graduated from University of London. We had a good conversation about the U.S. politics, the economy and all that good stuff. He was pretty chill! 

So, I guess I'll be taking the ferry at 8.45 a.m. tomorrow. We'll see what happens. ;P

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