Monday, 16 June 2008

Day 39 - Dublin

Friday, June 12, 2008

Today, I basically lazed around till 11 plus before leaving the house. Then I bought a city bus tour ticket (13 Euros) which was a waste of money really. Because all I did all day was spend 3 hours in the Guinness storehouse! That was all I had in mind really.

It's 10 Euros to get in but you get a free pint of Guinness!!! That's really all I was eyeing for... lol.. not really.

The building has 7 floors and each are dedicated to explain the history, process of making Guinness, advertising, etc. And of course, about Arthur Guinness, without him - there's no Guinness. Honestly, being there, I felt like a lil girl in candyland!! I was so excited that my heart was beating faster, the higher I get. The smell of hop (a plant used to make Guinness) at the lower floors and the waft of heavenly Guinness at the top floors. I felt like I was floating in heaven.

At the end of the tour, I went to the cafe on the 6th floor and decided to treat myself! I had a pint of Guinness (which was free!!) and salmon.... - 11.25 Euros. It was s000 delicious. I bet every single thing on the menu was good... I was so tempted to order another dish! 

Delicious lunch accompanied by a 360 view of Dublin. Purrrfecttt...!

By the time I was done, I hopped on the tour bus again... but it was almost 4. Most museums and other tourist attractions close at 5p.m. I was going to stop at the Jameson whiskey distillery though. But a long day, a full lunch and a pint of Guinness kinda put me into a napping mode. 

Plus, it was freezing out! I really didn't feel like walking around - getting lost, like I always do (something which I enjoy doing, only when it's warm out - and Dublin was not even close to that)

Later that night, I was supposed to meet Jada at Hogan's again. I was there for about 45 mins - but I never saw her. She doesn't have a phone and later she sent em a message saying that she was too tired. Oh well, I almost thought I was goin to call it a night at 11, when she didn't show up. 

But Brian came over right before I decided to leave and we went to a pretty chill bar called Anseo - which means "here" in Gaelic. We were there with a couple of his friends and one of them was actually living in Scotland at the time, but surprised them with a visit. They were great guys - I had a good time. Then - almost as expected (although I still can't accept the fact), the bar was closing at about 1 am (crazy! I know!) We went to a party instead! It was Brian's friend's neighbor's party. Lol. It was pretty sweet - the design of the house was really cool, the house was crowded with people and there's a DJ too! Pretty awesome!

Then, the landlord came over and complained that it was too noisy! Yeah - party was over right after my first bottle of beer. Oh well - we hung around for a lil bit, then headed home 3 a.m.

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