Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Day 33 - Delft & Amsterdam

Saturday, June 7, 2008

I was supposed to me Chantal at 8.30 a.m. at the central train station but i just couldn't get up! Finally, I was up at about 10.30 - talked a lil with Benhard and headed out.

I got to the train station at 12.45 and just kinda hung around and waited for Jeff. I decided that it was pointless to go all the way to Chantal's house and come back again. So, I left my bags in the locker, which costs me 7 Euros. It was kind of frustrating because he doesn't have a phone and there was no way in communicating with him. Anyways, I saw him at 2.45 p.m. finally. Honestly, I was considering going to Delft on my own, without Jeff, lol. Oh well, then he told me about his "magic pen"! It's erasable ink. So, instead of spending 20 Euros on my ticket to the day trip to Delft, I wrote the date on my Eurorail pass, then erase it later! smart eh?

It was only an hour train ride. Lukas, a couchsurfer who offered his couch to me came and met us. He seems to be really cool... he's got the dreadlocks and stuff.. lol.. anyways, there was a carnival goin on in town, which was pretty cool... we met like 15 other couchsurfers too!!! we went to watch a contemporay/weird/eccentric dance performance - I've got some pictures and videos... be sure to check it out!~ Then we headed to a bar for a Palm beer. Then to get pizza!!! We got a large and a medium and shared it between myself, Jeff, Donald, Lorraine and Mustafa - 3 Euros per person and we got 3 slices! great deal!

Lukas seems really cool and I really like Delft a lot! It's like a mini amsterdam - minus the prostitutes, and the annoying tourists. But maybe next time, & hopefully soon I'll be able to meet up with him again!

At 8 p.m., Jeff and I took the train back to Chantal's house for our "plans." She came to the train station to pick us up. Oh by the way, Jeff and I picked up 2 boxes of Ecuadorian mushrooms in the city center - 12.50 Euros each

Chantal works as an au pair which is like a nanny and I was surprised that there's actually a big number of teenage girls/ in their 20s from North America who take like 6 months up to 2 years off and work in Europe to take care of kids! The pay is usually not too impressive but usually everything is paid for and the families are usually very wealthy - pretty cool way to get away from home and work/travel/have fun with kids.

Anyways, we started munching on our mushrooms at 11 p.m. It usually takes 30 mins to an hour to take effect. This type of mushroom is great for visuals and hallucination and I think they encourage deep thoughts too...

Then, we watched Eurotrip! Jeff and Chantal was hallucinating and feeling the effect a lot.. but for me.. i just felt the room turning a lil the the pattern on the curtain looks like it was breathing..  and trying to talk to me... but that was it... I was tired too... which isn't normal. Oh well, it was an experience.

Come 5 am, right before Chantal sent Jeff and I to the train station, I went on the trampoline... for the first time in my life! it was amazing! the view around the house was amazing... morning was a lil chilly... it felt perfect - i didn't want to leave...!!

We got to the train station in Brussels, Belgium, and guess what? it was delayed for an hour. In the end, I missed my 10 a.m. Eurostar train. It's okay though - we've got 2 hours to kill. So we went to a cafe and got a glass of cherry beer and strawberry flavored hoegarden... and chocolate!!! So, good! perfect breakfast/brunch!

I'm now on the train back to London. It will only take an hour to get to London. Once there, I gotta figure out how to get back to Uncle Gary's house, rest a lil and head out to catch a bus to see Rebecca in Coventry! I'm ecstatic!

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