Thursday, 19 June 2008

Day 43 - London

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We got up at about 8 a.m. and headed out 15 mins before 9 as Roberta has to work. I found my way to the tube and headed back to Surrey. Another 2 hours. Oh well, it's not like I'm in a hurry.

I got back, had some food, did laundry, and just kinda chill. All I really wanted to see today is the UN Refugee exhibition in Trafalgar Square - which I had no problem finding because it's one of must-go places in London. It was cool - I got to interview some people working there. I hung around a bit because I was supposed to meet a couple couchsurfers in a bar in SoHo.

So I was walking around blindly right.. not knowing where I'm goin, all of a sudden, this guy came up to me and asked for the time. Next thing I know we where talking about Malaysia and that he's heading over there soon... and Indiana too..! Anyways, he insisted on buying me a drink.. at that point I'm kinda late for my appointment.. but I said yes anyways... we had a drink at Planet Hollywood.. a lil chat and I really had to leave before I got to finish my drink.

Then, I got lost on the way to the bar. I took a trishaw instead. Lol I know - there's huge traffic and how do I get around? on a trishaw.. I know, I'm so smart. Anyways, the guy was nice and he kinda "sped" after I requested him to - 4 pounds!

Then I saw Judit (a Londoner from Hungary) and her guest Nat (studying in Madrid but from Thailand) and they told me that they had to pay 6 pounds to get in!!! I was outrageous. So I tried calling Tony (another couchsurfer) who suggested the place - he didn't answer. But just as we were walking the other way, he ran out and got us in time!

He let us in through the backdoor. Pretty sweet. It was like an Indie bar with bands performing every night. It was pretty cool I have to admit.

The girls and I had to head back at 11. Once I got to Victoria station to catch the train back to Cheam, Surrey, that particular train stopped running. It was only 11.40 p.m.!!!! 

I quickly hopped on the one that goes to the closes stop instead and had to call my uncle to come get me instead. I felt really bad. It was 12.45 at that point.

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