Saturday, 14 June 2008


Dublin is cold.

For some reason, I'm not enjoying the city all that much. I don't feel as adventurous as before. Perhaps because it's freezing out, or, everything is so expensive here, or, I'm starting to stress about going back to Toledo.


Oh, and on Thursday night, I arrived at Ian's (my couchsurfing host) house at 9 p.m., we chatted with his housemates, kinda hung around for a lil bit - then headed out to a bar - Hogan's to meet the other couchsurfers. It was international couchsurfing day! Yeay - I think it was the 5th anniversary of CS or something. Anyways - there was about 50 of us... pretty awesome - but I only got to meet a couple of them. Towards the end of the night, we randomly met Jada, from Colorado and she wasn't even a couchsurfer! She just randomly sat where we were.. she was really fun! We had Irish car bombs - it was her first! Later that night, Brian, another couchsurfer came over at about midnight. I sent him a request to surf on his couch but that didn't work out - it was cool that we came out though.

At 1.30 a.m., the bar was about to close! Arghh! Irish bars are dumb! Apparently they wanna change the closing time even earlier! I was outrageous! Thank God I don't live in Ireland!

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