Monday, 16 June 2008

Day 40 - Dublin

Saturday, June 13, 2008

I went to Merion Square where there's the Street Performers Championship. It was a 3-day event. It was awesome! It's like a big carnival! All kinds of FOOD, balloons, kids with painted faces, and the performers was really impressive.

One of them was the English Gents - featuring 2 guys with acrobatic skills - at one point one of them stood on the other's head!

Another memorable act was a Canadian guy - who was pretty funny - he reminds me of Vince Vaughn 

There were all kinds of other performers too! And games! - But it was really chilly - there were a couple warm moments but that was it... I was craving for curry that day - so I bought a box of curry with rice for 1.29 Euros! It wasn't spicy but it was good! 

Ian came back from his weekend with his family and told me that there was a BBQ party. Hey - u know when there's a party - I'll be there! It was cool - some of them were friends from his hometown - again, I was the only girl there - which was cool, that means I get to pig out on the grilled sausages and drink like there's no tomorrow. Lol - it was a good party, later, more people came. We ( Ian's 3 other brothers and one of their girlfriend) decided to hit the bar in town. We only got a chance for a beer, before they close... at 12.30!!!! Arghh!!! 

I was so mad that I demanded an explanation from the bouncer. He kinda mumbled something at me. So apparently, they told me that bouncers are usually stuck up and rude, and they won't even entertain girls (how odd!?) he spoke to me only because of my accent! - weird!

Oh well, we weren't about to call it a night - We went to a club (which generally open till later) till about 3 ... i think? I barely remember the night (yeah - it was that good, lol) then went to his brother's apartment before heading home.

It was a great night - I'll leave the juicy details out ;P 

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