Thursday, 19 June 2008

Day 42 - Dublin

Monday, June 16, 2008

I got up at 5 a.m. - shocking! yeah! well, that's only because it's light out at 3 or 4 a.m.! anyways, I went online, hung around a lil and head out at 7 a.m. - took the bus to the bus station - but the bus to Dublin port has already left and there isn't another one till the afternoon! so I have to take a taxi 13 Euros. I bought the ferry ticket to Holyhead for 27 Euros... it's a 2 hour ride 8.45 a.m. -10.40 a.m. then from there I have to buy a train ticket back to London.. the ride is about 4 hours and the ticket cost me 77 Pounds!!! Dang it! I should have just flown with Ryanair... the most that would cost me is 70 Euros!!!! I didn't realize it at the time... I know it's bad but I never really convert or pay attention to what currency I'm using... it's so confusing! Sometimes it will be Euros, sometimes Pounds, and sometimes Francs (Switzerland)! And if I convert, I gotta convert to Malaysian Ringgit which is supper worthless in comparison and American Dollars! 

whew... oh well.. I know I've got SOME money left in my bank account... that's all that matters =)

Anyways I went straight to Uncle Gary's house, rest for a little bit and headed out to meet Roberta! She was a foreign exchange student from London in Toledo last year - I only got to know her this semester and we hung out a lil bit... she's cool! like me! lol.. no but she's a fun person - I was really excited!

It took 2 hours to take the train, tube and bus to get to Harrow, which is the other side of London from Surrey where my uncle lives. We met up and had dinner at Nando's! yeay! I love Nando's! I don't think the States have it... but we do in Malaysia! so, it was super expensive (if you convert to Malaysian Ringgit that it) oh well.. then, we went to a pretty chill bar... 

We watched Life is Beautiful before goin to bed... it was really good! btw Roberta has such a cool room! a bunk bed and photos and posters all over the place...!!!!

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