Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Day 28 - Berlin


Thies, my host had to work today and he's got a long and stressful day ahead - so we decided it would be better if I stayed at another couchsurfer's place

Host #6 would be Julia Marx - she had surfed a lot but never hosted. This is her first - again, I pressured to behave nicely as a guest - which can be hard sometimes.. but I try =)

I met up with her boyfriend, Alex to leave my stuff at his apartment. Julia had to go to college and won't be able to meet me till 8.30 at night. On the way there, I lost my subway ticket. And of course, the the men who checks ticket came - and I don't have my bloody ticket!

There were 3 of them and they weren't in uniforms. Anyways, I had to get out at the next station, thinking I could get away with just buying another ticket. No, it was a 40 Euro fine. Great!

When I told Julia about it, she was like you could have just pretended you don't speak English and get away with it!!

Could've, would've, should've

At night, I met up with Julia, her friend, also another couchsurfer, Connie, Alex and his friend, also Alex. It was a good time. I had a pint of Berliner, then we went to a Spanish bar and had some snack and another drink. The subway stops running at 1 a.m. in the weekdays... so we had to hurry back to Alex's apartment and get my things, then rush to Julia's aparment.

I was tired at the end of the day.

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Shattered Heavens said...

Glad to see you are fine! You didn't update you blog for a couple of days, and we were starting to grow a bit worried about you. Seems like you are having a wonderful time in Berlin!