Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Day 34 - U.K.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

I arrived in London at 1 p.m. - And, I forgot how to get back to Uncle Gary's house... so I kinda wandered around and asked people. I took the tube to Victoria station, then took the train to Cheam. Once there, surprisingly, I remembered the way back to his street. But, I forgot which was his house. And my phone died. I spent like 15 minutes walking up and down the street - thinking.... hard. At last, I decided to try my luck at this house. 

And yeay! Aunt Margie came and got the door! I got on my computer and relaxed - updated them with my adventures! I can't believe I've been gone for a month! Then at 4.30 p.m. I headed out to catch the bus to Coventry to meet Rebecca!

I arrived at 8.50 p.m. and she came and got me! The last time I saw her was last summer! Gawd I miss her so much! Once in her house, All 3 of her housemates were cooking a feast for me!!
Dinner was amazing!! I was really touched! 
They were all having exams too that week. 

WE stayed up a bit - and caught up with things... Gosh the

re were so much to talk about.. I wish I had more time with her.. and that she wasn't preparing for exams... oh well.. next day, I took the bus to the train station to head to Edinburgh.

And, of course! I went on the wrong train and it stopped at Birmingham instead. An old man, who was really nice told me to follow him and he had like a personal assistant from the station to help him. That guy was awfully helpful. He told me which platform to go to and that it will be leaving in 5 minutes. 

The train ride was uneventful - although I had a good night sleep the night before, I fell asleep all the way till I got to Edinburgh.

Once there, Niko came to meet me. We got back to his apartment and met Jenny, his wife! She cooked risotto which was extremely delicious!!!

We all went to bed early as they had a busy weekend too... and I was just - exhausted!-

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