Thursday, 19 June 2008

Heathrow Airport, London

It's 1.20 p.m. I've already checked in ... it was uneventful - fortunately... knowing my luck... I'm just waiting outside the security for the departure gates. My flight isn't until 3.20 and (you can't bring water in) I'm sure I'll get thirsty later and I'm too cheap to buy a bottle of water. And there's free wifi too!

I know! It's awesome! So I'll just hang around for a bit out here... until I run outta water.

It hasn't dawn to me that I'll be leaving Europe - this is a trip I've been longing for so long.. (to be exact, since I was 16) and one I've learnt so much, experienced so much and met so many great and interesting characters along the way. My trip back will definitely be filled with memories from the time I thought I was in heaven when I was in Bern, Switzerland, to the time when I was out in the streets in Barcelona on that Wednesday night, to Foix where I got lost, to Nimes where I met Aunt Sybil for the first time in my life, to Cannes looking at celebrities upclose, to Italy where I've had gelatos and such good Italian food, to the 13-hour ferry ride on the deck of the ship, to Athens where the Greek words are so funky you'd think it's art - not real words, to Berlin - my favorite city of all (I want to own an apartment in Berlin - soon!), to Amsterdam where I tried my first space muffin and mushroom, to Coventry where I stayed with Rebecca (God, I didn't realize how much I miss her!), to Edinburgh where it's cool and cold, to Dublin where the weather was a lil depressing but I had a blast with Brian and co. and over the weekend with Ian... oh good times... to spending time with Roberta back in London and having chicken rice with Aunt Margie, Uncle Gary and the kids!

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