Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Day 31 - Amsterdam

Thursday, June 5, 2008

In the morning, there were only 2 guys in my room. They're both from Johannesburg, South Africa but are working in London at the moment. Kent and (forgotten his name) -  they were really cool... we talked while I pack - I don't remember the conversation but it was pleasant and one of them is really hot.. anyways - they are one of those people who are just living in a country and getting a job, just to get more to move to another country... they're thinking about leaving London after being there for about 5 years now... cool eh?

I checked out of the hostel, still hoping to get a host, in the end, I found Benhard! He said he was having exams but he still offered his couch...I was really glad coz I wasn't about to spend another 21 Euros to stay in a hostel, no matter how great they were. I took a taxi to his house 7.50 Euros

It's pretty cool - it has a really narrow front door but it's really long. Apparently, in the old days, residents had to pay taxes according to the width of their front door! 

Outside his apartment, there's this cool market which I'm gonna check out tomorrow. But it's time to do the touristy stuff. I went to the Van Gough Museum 10 Euros, which was nice.. but I don't really know how to appreciate art - so it wasn't like a mind-blowing experience...then, I went to the Anne Frank house... the original house where she and her family hid - and that was very worth it for me. 7.50 Euros - I was really tempted to buy her diary...it wasn't too expensive.. but I just can't afford to buy anything unnecessary now =( I wasn't allowed to photograph anything so I can't show you what it's like but if you happen to be in Amsterdam, GO TO IT!!!

- I started heading back at 9.30 but was stuck in the bus for an hour - I kept missing the stop coz I thought it was called something else! Then at 10.30, when I finally got off the right stop, this lady directed me to the opposite direction... So, I was walking in the dark, in circles!!! At 11 p.m. I finally got back.... whew....

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