Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Day 30

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Julia stocked up yesterday and we had a good breakfast! coffee, toast, camembert cheese, jam, ...She had traveled so much with her boyfirend, Alex, that I could just spend weeks just chilling, hanging out and listening to all their adventureS! She had to leave for class.. =( she offered me her bike and told me to bike around the neighborhood... There was a lake directly outside her house. It was beautiful! There were people cycling, sunbathing, doing yoga...it's just like paradise and it's crazy that it's just outside her house - and she lives near the city! Berlin has so many lakes that i didn't know about!... so cool... and she told me to go see the castle, but i didn't because there wasn't enough time.. i came back and pack.. and left the house... my train to amsterdam is at noon... 

Things I love about Berlin

-Cheap kebab/gyros/shwarma

-Cheap beer

-Amazing ice-cream everywhere you go

-hot Berlin guys (the girls are attractive too)

-everybody cycles around

-most of the Germans speak English!

-there are so many lakes in the city and there's a river too!

-the history of Berlin (I'm not a big history fan but the history behind Berlin is just so fascinating to me!

Up to this point of my trip, Berlin is added to my favorite places in Europe. I took the train from Berlin to Amsterdam at 12.30 p.m. - I should be in Amsterdam at 7 p.m. At that point, I haven't found a host yet and I didn't even search for hostels. But I wasn't too worried. =)

Towards the end of the train ride, I heard some guys speaking English. Turns out 3 of them go to school in Texas but Kyle is from ? , Mike is from Massachusetts and Tate is from California

They all seem like pretty fun people. I asked them if I could tag along with them until my host gets in contact with me, and they were like sure!!! So we went to this hostel ...? The staff was great! and the dorm I got was clean, there were towels, and bed sheets and it wasn't too stuffy. There was 3 double deckers and there's a bathroom in the room too! So, I like that. 

After taking a shower, I went out with the guys to get dinner. Before that, we went to a "coffee shop" to get some weed. Mike was like a kid getting christmas present form Santa... rolling a joint and his eyes was wide opened , filled with excitement.. and he said, "I've been dreaming about this moment since I was 13!" It was pretty hilarious - Everyone was starving at that point, so - 

Medium pizza for 5 Euros! btu we saw unlimited spare ribs for 10 Euros - SO TEMPTING! After that,  we met up with 2 other girls whom they met in Prague. ? and ? one is form Illinois and the other from Michigan. They both have graduated a year ago but were taking  the year off. 

They were fun but the whole night - we've been walking around in circles - trying to find cheap beer- trying to find a club - trying to find french fries etc.

In the end, we randomly stumbled into a club - it was pretty small but the music was good and there was a good crowd- pub crawl was there.. anyways for some reason - we got a free shot of something each... pretty awesome - maybe coz it was 1.20 a.m. by the time we got there and we still had to pay a cover charge of 5 Euros.

Back in the hostel, my room was full and I think I woke a couple people up when I got back at 3.30 a.m.

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