Thursday, 12 June 2008

Day 38 - Edinburgh ---> Dublin

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I got up early again, to shoot my couchsurfing host video. I know I could have done something fun/exciting/touristy with myself this morning, but I was too lazy. I took my time, had breakfast, pack (as u may already know, I take FOREVER to pack) then out to mail my postcards and head over to the cafe again to go online. I can't resist it!! 

Anyways, my flight is at 1655 to Dublin and I'll arrive at 6 p.m. I found a host, finally! Ian gave me the directions to his house. He seems like a nice fellow.. I'm excited! 

It's International Couchsurfing Day today. There are events goin on all over the world! I think once I refresh myself at Ian's place, I'll head out to the CS party!!

**I can't believe I've been traveling for more than a month now. It's surreal. I'll be flying back to Toledo next Thursday, (OMFG- that's in a week!) and start work with AVI, the IC and the Palestra.

****I know this is so wrong of me to even think about - but I think before the semester starts, I might head over to DC to meet up with Lauren! Gosh I miss her so much! Maybe Siri will come too!!!

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